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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/21/00

> In my current mud rather than have each mob have to have their various
> values either default to 11 or set by the builder.  Instead the builder
> assigns both a size and general intellect rating, from these two you can
> extrapolate general stats (with the exception of charisma).

        >snipped description of the previous<

        It has been suggested to me on the mud I code for that we should
have a default range, based on level, for every mob.  The only time
builders could break out of this range was if a head builder flagged
either the player with the 'head builder' flag, or the mob itself with the
flag allowing it for that one mob.  I have not implemented this yet,
mostly because our combat system is so out of whack that preventative
measures like this can't be realistically applied now.

> RP, who really hates seeing 1 foot tall fairies wield two-handed
> longswords.

        Actually, what I hate more is seeing people walk around with
daggers more powerful than swords, axes more powerful than polearms, whips
more powerful than ..well.. alot of things. :)

        The mud owner at one mud I was on had/has one of those
angsty-I-wish-I-was-dark-and-evil-vampire-sneaky-thief-silent-killer sort
of hell-bent direction.  That's not to say that was the theme of the mud,
but that you noticed that the world and code as a whole directed alot of
time on making thieves more powerful than most classes (removing the delay
on backstab, most powerful weapons/armor in the game, etc).  I screamed
when I saw all the most powerful weapons were daggers - for every level
group (the weapons were level restricted).

        I suggested a system like that for the builders above - but
limiting weapon ability based on the type (about 30 broad classifications,
mainly sorted into size, impact/slash/stab/other).  Thus a dagger would
never do more than 8 points of damage in an attack (8d1 max).  Of course,
if a builder wanted to make it more powerful/magic/etc, that's what
affectations are for.

        The jury is still out on this one - so far the response has been
overwhelmingly negative though.  I fear most who make the decision are
players more than admins and they don't have the ability to - in their
eyes - hamstring their own players.


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