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Date: 06/21/00

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Angus Mezick wrote:

(Claps to Patrick, really nice commentary ;-)

> level is set using OLC this array is then used to fill out the mobs stats
> based on that level.
Oi, balancing mobs, I don't recall how many times this has been discussed,
and always the same questions pop up:

Max Hitpoints, how do we decide this? One suggestion was simply to let the
mob run through based on it's class (I imped classes for mobs way
back) and Stats. But most mobs have a "Fixed" status, this means 11 all
the way, So we added "Advanced setup" for a mob which contains all the
nesc. (I really can't spell that word. ;-) stats like INT, WIS and so

This helped a bit, now sitting here writing this, perhaps running the mob
through "roll_real_abils" at startup and then have some sort of average
class to setup the mob, so not all mobs end up with 11 all the
way. Advanced stats could then be changed.

This then leads to "What then when a builder changes level/con" Uh,
perhaps run it through the advance loop, But that would mean some
advancement all the time. Instead my suggestion ended up with something
like (Mailer code since this never hit the OLC)

struct dices_type { int low; int high; } dices[] = {
  {3,8},  /* 3-8  Mage   */
  {5,10}, /* 5-10 Cleric */
  {7,13}, /* 7-13 Thief  */
  {10,15} /* 10-15 Warrior */

int calc_mob_hp(int level, int con, int class)
  int i = 0, hp = 0;

  for (i=0;i<=level;i++) {
    /* Do some calulation based on class and con * /
    hp += con_app[con].hitp;
    hp += number(dices[class].low,dices[class].high);
  return (hp);

As stated before, this is mailercode, so it's not erh checked very well
(That and it is 33 Degrees Celcius in here), but at least it should show
what I intend to do. This will make a mob just as strong as a player,
which in the end is not what we wanted, so we went with 16 * level of mob,
where 16 is what a Warrior gains in Average.

With all this said, I'd like to know what people do to balance their mobs
HP wise, Gold wise and so forth.. :)


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