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Date: 06/21/00

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:39:04 +0200 The Merciless Lord of Everything
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> On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Angus Mezick wrote:
> *snipped lots of balancing mob stuff*

In my current mud rather than have each mob have to have their various
values either default to
11 or set by the builder.  Instead the builder assigns both a size and
general intellect rating,
from these two you can extrapolate general stats (with the exception of

For instance, that Garguantuan dragon might have a possible strength from
21-25, while
his dexterity might only range from 5-9.  On the other extreme that tiny
fairy may only
have a strength score of 1-5, but her dexterity is 19-25.

Main reason we did this is to be able to have mobs with actual stats so
they get more of the
benefits (and minuses) that come from the increased stats.  This also
allows us to make
mobs more similar to PC's in almost every way.

If anyone is really interested in the table I used I'd be happy to post,
I believe the idea was taken
from a D&D handbook, not terribly sure.

RP, who really hates seeing 1 foot tall fairies wield two-handed
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