Re: MXP -- Zugg Strikes Again

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 06/21/00

Yup, Zugg is a madman.  The really scary thing is how many mudders use the
program.  Just ask your players how they connect.  Some don't even seem to
know that telnet exists.

StormeRider wrote:
> Wow... not sure how many people on either of these lists use zMUD, or
> pay attention to it very much. However, it looks like Zugg is working very
> hard on his next move of genius, on developing the next specification for
> very interesting MUD server <-> client enhancement.
> I'm not going to spew and rant about how cool this idea is (though I want
> to), but instead I'll just post the link and watch the feedback.
> Comments appreciated. :)
> --Nathan

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