Re: unique objs

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/23/00

> > Any ideas on how to go about doing this?
> Search through the code where it updates the objects, check if they are on
> a PC, if so, don't update it.
> That was my first approach, when I realized that "What if the player just
> drops an object and you update it the second after" .. So, instead you
> could go for the "I don't update anything Ingame" approach. :)
        Of course, it will still update when you eventually log out, save,
etc, unless you've changed your obj_file_elem structure (or don't use it
at all).  Your description, name, etc, will all revert to the original
vnum.  The only things that save are vnum, wornlocation, vals[1-4], extra
flags (enchant, etc), weight, timer, bitvector, and affects.  You'll have
to either add everything else you want, or switch to a different system.

        You could also just make all your objects individual instances;
which may actually save memory on some muds; though you'll want to invest
in a way to load/remove objects quickly.  Oh, and a new obj save


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