Re: isname() improvement

From: Alex (
Date: 06/26/00

> This may be a dumb question, but doesn't using the . character mess up the
> "look 2.guard" capability?
Nope, the '2.' bit is taken care of in the get_char_room_vis() (or
whatever the precise name is).  So, you can have:
and it'll get passed to 'get_char_room_vis()' as:
Which'll strip off the '2.' and note that it wants to look for the second
character in the room (that is visible) that matches that name and for
each character do an is_name() on 'green.guard', which is_name() then
takes and compares 'green' first, and if that matches, does a compare on
'guard'.  If that matches, returns TRUE.  Otherwise, buggers out with a


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