Re: old shop files support

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/26/00

        AFIK, there are no 'patches' out there to remove code, without
replacing it with other functionality.  So, you'll just have to dike it
out yourself.

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Damian Jurzysta wrote:

> since I have no intention of using anyone elses (old) areas, any stock
> areas or any areas whatsoever not exclusively made for my mud, I want to
> remove the support for the old shop files so that my builders wont have
> to start every new shop with "CircleMUD v3.0 Shop File~". also, I dont
> like having any dead code I wont be using.

> I was wondering if there is any patch out there somewhere to do it, or
> if I should get down to biz and do it myself?  -- /Damian/

        In a related vein, I was curious about houses.  I recently
modified my houses so they could contain multiple rooms, multiple owners,
and were self-maintaining (ie, removed deleted characters, deleted
themselves when they had no owners, mailed correct imm after completion of
any above tasks).  However, for all this functionality, they really are
not a very necessary item in the game - most are auto-deleted from disuse.

        Anyone else out there use houses, or modified them to be useful?
Perhaps more user-controlled (build, add, guard, etc)?


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