[CODE] I hope and pray I'm not asking FAQs :(

From: Dereck Kozak (nightlith@mb.sympatico.ca)
Date: 06/27/00

I've summoned the courage to hack away at my mud's code, and I've
decided to attack my do_score, cause it seemed easiest. I was wrong.
I've been looking at some other score snippets, but it'd like to be
original, and learn by doing it myself. I noticed there's a CLASS_ABBR()
funtion to return a string, but GET_CLASS() does not (and I'd like the
full class sting).
Could I pull off a pc_class_list[GET_CLASS()] to get the whole class
name? or is ther a function I can use, that I'm missing?
Also, where is GET_CLASS, and all those nifty function defined? I would
like to add a GET_RACE to supply me with the character's race name. It's
alot nicer than pc_class_list[ch->chclass] :)

I know I ask alot of questions, but newbies like me get lost easily.


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