Iedit Problems

From: Brandon (
Date: 06/30/00

I recently added the ieditv0.2 with the xapobjs 1.2 for CirlceMUD BPL17 with OasisOLC 2.0.  After trying the newly installed patch and attending to all rejection files, the mud seemed to crash on me imediatly on entering the editor.

GDB backtrace:
#0  free_object_strings (obj=0x0) at genobj.c:324
#1  0x807d291 in copy_object (to=0x0, from=0x8149280) at genobj.c:389
#2  0x8094294 in iedit_setup_existing (d=0x8145558, real_num=0x8149280)
    at oedit.c:1123
#3  0x80943cb in do_iedit (ch=0x8148a98, argument=0xbffff9bd " wings",
    cmd=119, subcmd=0) at oedit.c:1191
#4  0x8085daa in command_interpreter (ch=0x8148a98,
    argument=0xbffff9b8 "iedit wings") at interpreter.c:737
#5  0x806d38b in game_loop (mother_desc=3) at comm.c:737
#6  0x806ca38 in init_game (port=6001) at comm.c:367
#7  0x806c9b5 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffd44) at comm.c:331

Well, I have examined this code a couple of times and i seem to be stumped.  I know i am not a real good C coder, so if anyone could help me; I would be very thankful!


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