Copyover & BPL17

From: Jeroen van Delft (sleight@DEADLOCK.ET.TUDELFT.NL)
Date: 06/30/00


I seem to be stuck with an annoying problem, and I'm hoping that this list
will provide an answer :)

I'm using Circle bpl17,and I've tried to apply the Copyover-patch. After I
had coded in the rejects, I booted the mud. Whenever I executed a copyover
the mud reconneced everybody, but as soon as a command was executed the mud
crashed. I fixed this by creating a new array for the history in
init_descriptor, but now after the mud has reconnected everyone, after an
amount of time which seems completely random to me, the mud just freezes. It
doesn't give an error, it just stops responding to commands and sending

I hope someone has a solution, since all those reboots are starting to annoy
my players ;-)

Thanks, Jeroen van Delft

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