Re: Copyover & BPL17

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 06/30/00

Jeroen van Delft wrote:
> I'm using Circle bpl17,and I've tried to apply the Copyover-patch. After I
> had coded in the rejects, I booted the mud. Whenever I executed a copyover
> the mud reconneced everybody, but as soon as a command was executed the mud
> crashed. I fixed this by creating a new array for the history in
> init_descriptor, but now after the mud has reconnected everyone, after an
> amount of time which seems completely random to me, the mud just freezes. It
> doesn't give an error, it just stops responding to commands and sending
> output..

Forgot to mention your system...

If it is an GNU/Linux, I suggest compiling your mud with gcc -g flag
(default) and using gdb to track down your bugs. When it freezes, just

~/circle30bpl17/$ gdb bin/circle `/sbin/pidof circle`

This will start gdb and catch your mud's execution "on-the-fly". Will
stop your mud and give you the gdb prompt. Then type "bt" to view what
functions it ran.

The most important commands that you will use: bt, p, l, up, down, fr,
x, info, jump.

To learn about how to use gdb: "info gdb" on your command line or "help"
inside gdb.
To drop your mud again: "detach" and "quit" inside gdb.

You can use gdb to view your core dumps:

~/circle30bpl17/$ gdb bin/circle lib/core

It's the same interface, but read-only: you can't change or call

If your system isn't a GNU/Linux, search for similar tools for your

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