Re: [CODE] bug in room, mob, specials code

From: sudiphed owns (
Date: 06/30/00

--- Brian Beffa <> wrote:
> I have been trying to install a Midgaard like zone
> that I downloaded from an
> FTP site.  It was made for ExileMUD.  The town is
> called Sundhaven.
> spec_procs.c: In function `blinder':
> spec_procs.c:1156: too many arguments to function
> `call_magic'
> 1155*    call_magic(ch, FIGHTING(ch), 0,

  The message "too many arguments to function" means
that you are passing too many arguments on the
function call.  I do not have a copy of bpl17 in front
of me, but check out spell_parser.c, where the
call_magic function resides.  It should read something
int call_magic (struct char_data *ch, struct char_data
*vict, int spellnum, int level, int casttype)
  Match up the real arguments in call_magic with what
your erroroneous function call is passing.  It's most
likely just a case of lopping off that last ",NULL",
since ExileMUD probably had a slightly modified
call_magic function.


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