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Date: 06/30/00

Robert Moon wrote:
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> From: "Dereck Kozak" <>
> > I've recently encountered a problem with Circle3.0bpl17. With sentinel
> > mobs, or objects that I only want one or two in a room, when the zone
> > resets, another object is created. For example, in the hotel/inn, I have
> > a bell object that players can ring to signal the innkeeper, but the one
> > bell quickly becomes two, then three, etc. How can I get it to load one
> > bell only, without having to allow only one belll in a zone?
> In your zone file where you set the loading of objects and items, there is a
> field for the "maximum number" that can exist on the MUD at any given time.
> You should set it to 1.  That will mean you will have to create a unique
> bell vnum for use in this room, and won't be able to use the archetype
> elsewhere in the world, lest your room not load properly.

Sorry for a long delay.. (forgot to take the "Gone Fishing" sign down)

With stock code, there is no way to limit it to one per zone. As Robert
it is only limited to the MUD. However, you can do a few work arounds.
1. Remove the object then load it.
2. Create a different bell per receptionist (kinda stupid IMO).
3. Make a zone (and/or room) qualifier for loading. This topic was
discussed before and George suggested the qaulifier. Like percentages
another variable added to zone files to check to load it per
I was possibly thinking of using a different method, and never got past
searching a zone. (before I had to quit)

I would rather have some option to have it load max per world, and
for zone and rooms. like 10 per world, 5 in this zone, and 1 in this
Someday I will get back to working on a lot of projects. :(

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