Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] Which "include" is missing in this code?

From: sudiphed owns (
Date: 06/30/00

--- Brian Beffa <> wrote:
> I received a txt file that shows how to add races,
> im pretty sure it works
> well, and there was one unique file created,
> races.c.   I fixed up the
> Makefile with help so that the Makefile works, but
> im not sure what is wrong.
>   These are the include stuff at the top of races.c:
> #include "sysdep.h"
> #include "conf.h"
> #include "structs.h"
> #include "interpreter.h"
> #include "utils.h"

Try switching sysdep.h and conf.h.. If conf.h does not
come first, it usually gives a "#error Who are we?".


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