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> Where are the default objs assigned for a newbie?
> I looked in faq but got a 404 error...
        I don't know if you've ever tried to create a newbie, but
aren't any default objs assigned, equipped, given, or
otherwise.  That's
something you will have to add in yourself, if you want it.  There is
patch of that nature somewhere on the ftp site though, to make you


  While I agree with Patrick, I would also like to contribute the
vnums of the objects I use to equip newbies. This is fairly good
newbie-eq, but it all depends on how you want to balance your MUD.
NOTE: these objects are found in stock circle in the Newbie Zone and
Midgaard shops.
18602, 18603, 18604, 18609, 18612, 18613, 3010, 3010

Load them one at a time and check them out before you assign them to
anyone. I also have a few other objects that I give out, but since
they aren't stock items, I haven't listed them.


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