Re: circle [patch] [error]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/04/00

> Hey all, I've just recently downloaded the assemblies.patch.gz file
> from the Circlemud site, and when I attempt to patch it in, this is what I
> get.. Any ideas as to why and are those binaries supposed to be there?
> I don't use patches, I usually hard code.. So much for trying to make life
> a little easier.. *chuckle*

        Binaries?  The gnu version of patch deals with text files.  I
guess if you're on an hp, it'll default to the system 'patch' which _is_ a
binary program.  I don't think this is the case though, as the patch (as
you indicate) actually started.

        Hm. I've not seen malformed patch errors in a while. What I
suggest you do is go to the site, an read the
listing about 'how to patch by hand'.  It's there somewhere.  Then, run
through your patch step by step.  It's a good way - and the only reliable
way to add the contents of a patch in.  Especially if you're attempting to
patch something made for a different bpl.


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