Re: Slackware 7 Crypt Problems

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/04/00

> Has anyone using Slackware 7 found a way to remedy their apparrent
> native crypt problems with CircleMUD?  I know that by trial and error
> installing the DES-crypt addon resolves it immediately, but thus have
> been told DES-crypt isn't the crypt I want "these days".

        I'm assuming you're talking about the libcrypt bit, as the addon,
since crypt doesn't ship by default with gcc's latest?  That should work
fine, and I can't think of any thing you'd rather do.  Who told you that
desc crypt isn't the crypt you want, and what did they tell you to replace
it with? crypt(3) does okay by me, at least for just passwords.

> Is there some special trick to fix the problem (which needless to say,
> provides a seg fault on stock Circle bpl17), or am I stuck with
> installing the addon at some stage?

        I'd suppose that you can either turn off encryption of passwords,
or write up your own one-way encryption, or grab some other lib off the
shelf and use their encryption routine.  I believe circle abstracts the
actual crypt() calls through a macro, so it should just be a matter of
changing one line of code or so, either way you do it.

        I'd just stick with crypt(3).


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