Re: alignment / ac

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 07/06/00

>Some more questions:
> What is the alignment range in stock
> Circle30bpl17?

-1000 to +1000
Evil is -1000 to -350, good is 350 to 1000 and
neutral is everything else.

> And, also, what is the the AC range?

Internally -100 to 100.  Externally, -10 to 10.

Hey George - is there any plan to move it to
0 = naked and then just go up, the higher to
more armored?  I know it is AD&D based, but
this is something that really should be changed,
and I believe is actually going to be changed in
the next edition AD&D.

> Perhaps these can be found somewhere in the
> FAQ's, but I haven't found anything there
> yet... :/

They're in the code.

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