Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] Any ideas on race entrances and exits?

From: Dana Luther (
Date: 07/07/00

>I was wondering if anyone knew how to make certain races bring up different
>messages when the arrive.  So a other users would see a griffon arriving as
>"Shawn arrives in a clutter of feathers" and such.  And how would you make
>certain rooms restricted to certain classes, thanks.

If you check in act.movement.c you will see all the code that determines
where and how people move. Look at the do_simple_move() and the has_boat()
functions for an example of how movement can be restricted, but instead of
checking for if they're floating, you'd do the check against their race. Do
a quick search for "enters" and you'll be likely to find the section of code
that puts out the "x enters from the west" message which you can then tailor
into the differing messages for when they enter the room.

Good Luck,

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