[CODE] The Pfile

From: Jake Turner (jakehturner@hotmail.com)
Date: 07/09/00

Im not sure if its stock, but ive been experiencing a lot of problems
with the playerfile recently. Well, since I opened my mud and started
getting a lot of players on. To start with the idnums were going crazy but
that was because chars weren't remaking over already deleted ones properly,
i found a mend for it in the bugs section of circlmud.

However players are still being deleted quite randomly, or thier player
files are somehow becoming corrupt, which I assume to be one and the same
problem.  They come on with like loads of affects upon them and such a dodgy
pfile that i cant stat it without it crashing.  However its only that char,
no others appear to become affected, and they can delete and remake, solving
the problem.

If this is happened to anyone else and they have fixed it, I'd be very
gratefull for any help, or if anyone has any ideas of what may be causing it
I'd appreciate hearing them.

Thanks a lot.

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