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From: Robert Sinland (
Date: 07/09/00

Jake Turner wrote:

> Im not sure if its stock, but ive been experiencing a lot of problems
> with the playerfile recently. Well, since I opened my mud and started
> getting a lot of players on. To start with the idnums were going crazy but
> that was because chars weren't remaking over already deleted ones properly,
> i found a mend for it in the bugs section of circlmud.
> However players are still being deleted quite randomly, or thier player
> files are somehow becoming corrupt, which I assume to be one and the same
> problem.  They come on with like loads of affects upon them and such a dodgy
> pfile that i cant stat it without it crashing.  However its only that char,
> no others appear to become affected, and they can delete and remake, solving
> the problem.
> If this is happened to anyone else and they have fixed it, I'd be very
> gratefull for any help, or if anyone has any ideas of what may be causing it
> I'd appreciate hearing them.
> Thanks a lot.
> Culhaven

  Once upon a time I had a "problem" user.
More then one actually, but he was the prototype:)

  Depending on your code base you might want to take a look at what
sort of stuff they are adding to player descriptions and etc.
  I have seen that sort of info "bleed" over into other player info and munge
the Pfile.  This user I had that did this stuff I refered to as the Jinx, but he

was cooperative and helped uncover several bugs over the long run:)
This was some time ago, but some of the same bugs might be involved.

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