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From: Daniel Burke (
Date: 07/09/00

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Jason Ragsdale wrote:

> Hello,
>     Just wondering if anyone out there has intergrated a SQL database into
> their mud. If so i would like if i could ask a few questions and maby see a
> bit of code on how you did it at the key areas, I.E. SQL connect, and table
> updates. If you could please respond to Thanks in
> advance for any help.

AddictMUD uses mySQL extensivly to store information.  The playerfile, skills,
clan info, help, etc, etc... just about the only things we don't store in
mySQL is the world, aliases and rent.  It's very nice to have the information
stored in an easy to edit database.  If I add a new field to the player
structure, a quick alter table is the only player file converting that needs
to be done :)

Speed has never been an issue.  I've been very careful about how I convert
things to mySQL, testing for speed, etc... we used to run on a p100 until
recently, just to give you an idea about how little CPU overhead it'll require.
(we just replaced that p100 with a nice 400mhz machine, so I may test
converting rent soon).


AddictMUD 4000

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