Re: Help with liblist commands

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/10/00

  Server: CircleMUD 3.0, bpl 17
Add-ons: OasisOLC, Races, Classes, liblist, aedit 16
      OS: Windows NT 4.0 Server
Hardware: Dell Precision 210 Workstation, Dual Processor
Compiler: Microsoft Developer Studio 97, C++ 5.0

Another question,

I want to add four more mana types, in the structs.h they look like this:
   sh_int mana;
   sh_int max_mana;     /* Max mana for PC/NPC      */

Where do I add more?  In the spare int's in struct player_special_data_saved
or?  Can I change them to sh_int, or shall I add the new manas directly
below the current sh_int mana; and sh_int max_mana; ?


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