Help with liblist commands

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/10/00

  Server: CircleMUD 3.0, bpl 17
 Add-ons: OasisOLC, Races, Classes, liblist, aedit 16
      OS: Windows NT 4.0 Server
Hardware: Dell Precision 210 Workstation, Dual Processor
Compiler: Microsoft Developer Studio 97, C++ 5.0


I have experienced slight problems with the liblist commands (mlist, olist,
rlist, zlist) when I list with mlist, olist, and rlist and specify a range
larger than <olist 1000 4100> (stock bpl17 zones plus 5 zones) the list
worked fine with about 241 entries in the list, but greater than that, it
doesn't work, what can I do to fix this?  It seems that the server crashes
when the list goes over 300 entries, because when I used rlist, and the list
ended at 309 it crashed after it was done printing with page_string...

Kind Regards,
Torgny Bjers

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