Help on mulit-class

From: Dennis Cheung (
Date: 07/10/00

Hi ppl,
  I'm new to this, and I just like to ask a question on how to bulid a
mulit-class system, I had read through the ftp site where ppl have some
mulit-class code, but whats in my mind was that the user can gain class
(eg 4 diff class) in any order or choice of their own, like they can
have lev4 for cl, and lev 6 for wa, and lev 10 for mu for example, I
hope ppl understand what I mean, I just donno where to start and how to
start doing this, if any code that is out there which did the same thing

as this, pls let me know, or just ideas on how to start on it will be

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