Re: Help on mulit-class

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 07/10/00

>        I think that you want to first, figure out how your system is
>going to work - exactly.  For example, in your system, where you
>have 3 classes with 3 different levels, how do you choose which
>class you're gaining in?  Does it spread out to all 3, or do you set
>one class?  Can you even spread it out if you wanted to? Etc.

There was one mud I tried out a long time ago, forget the name of it,
where you gained exp in all classes simultaneously, but you had to
choose the order of priority, so it might have been (I don't remember
the exact proportions) your first choice would get about 65% of the
exp, your second choice 20%, then 10%, then 5%.  This would be fairly
trivial to implement, actually - just create variables to keep track
of exp and levels for each class, and change the gain_exp() to split
xp accordingly.  Possibly some new variables to keep track of pracs
for each class, if you want to force pracs to be used only on the
class for which they were gained in.

This is what it sounded like to me that the original poster wanted.

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