Re: crash due to bad segmentation fault<-autorun file

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/10/00

> 1: what does above mean ?

        Funny, i've never seen that come from the autorun file.
However, a seg fault is pretty common.  It's the most stanard way that
your mud crashes.  It can be for any reason really, from attempting to
free freed memory, to operating non-allocated memory.. to the other end of
the spectrum with buffer overwrites, and the whole slew of pointer
mangling exercises.

        In brief, it means that the code was wrong in some way, and the
game crashed because of it.

> 2: how do i debug code in Linus Mandrake?

        You should be able to use gdb (if you have installed it).  The
standard usage is 'gdb <executable to debug> [core file of executable]'.
Rather than write out a whole sheet, you should just go to and read the quick guide to gdb.


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