Re: Dynamic Room Creation/Deletion

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/11/00

> Has anyone successfully done dynamic room creation and
> deletion?

        Yep. For simplicity's sake, I threw everything in a b-tree as well
so i can load-unload an individual room, and changed the
world(room/obj/zon command/etc) formats so they'd be capable of not only
single room/zone command load, but also obj or mob (or even shop) loads
independant of any other features (ie, no need to load a whole zone just
to get mob _x_ out of it - or even to read through the whole zone#.mob
file for it.

        It's not all the way done yet, but nearly so.  I have a version
with just the rooms in a btree (all zone commands loaded) and the scripts
to convert your room files to the new format, but I want to wait till i'm
all the way done to release it (just finished shops, facing moral dilemas
about objects and mobs).


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