Re: [CODE] Rent file

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/11/00

> Im experienceing a problem with my rent files, ocasionly a char comes on and
> causes the mud to crash, so i checked out gdb and it showed it was
> unequip_char that was being called after Crash_load..
> So i checked the rent file and it appears that persons eq was being
> looped over and over in the rent file, when i checked the size it was 48k
> big so somthing very wierd is going on.
        I've seen this happen many times actually.  The problem usually
comes in the first or second time someone writes a function which performs
object-within-object movement.  Like mixing up the uses of 'contents' and
'next', etc.  Sometimes extracting a created object causes this as well
(created by - for example - a hunt skill, or the body pieces snippet,

        Same thing as always - triple check any code you've added lately,
especially if it deals with objects. (duh).


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