Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE]? MXP - tough luck telnet users?

From: StormeRider (
Date: 07/12/00

I've been looking at it too, and here's my opinion:

Certain sections of code can have tags added to them. Ie, the whole prompt
thing is really easy... just send an extra \e1z<Prompt> at the beginning,
and a </Prompt> at the end. Wrap some code around what you have to parse
variables in your prompt, if you support that.

Doing things like this is really easy also for room numbers, room
descriptions, etc. Man, I really wish this was stable enough to really use
now as I build my 82 x 99 room vmap using dig.

However, then there are the not so easy things. Like shop code. Basically,
you will probably want to COMPLETELY redo the output of the shop code for
MXP users.

Now, if you want your builders to be able to send MXP elements in the
description of the room, I think you're stuck with the stripping
method. For colors, this works fine to send to people who don't have color
support, but I would tend to not want to strip HTML-style tags from room

Another (also unsavory) idea is to have rooms have two descriptions: one
an MXP-based description and one a text based description. Builders could
enter a description with MXP elements, and a stripping process occurs at
the building stage and save it as a non_mxp_description. This results in
no stripping whenever someone looks in a heavily MXP'd area who doesn't
have MXP enabled.

This subject is one I'd like to hear more on. MXP seems to have a lot
going for it. The current zMUD beta version is IMHO quite buggy but he's
added so many new features, it's to be expected. MXP, MSP, MCCP, all
integrated in the same MUD, offer the ability to really take MUDs to the
next level... without leaving older clients behind like the MMGORPGs are

Alex: Pueblo extensions? Never heard about them... do you have a link
somewhere for more information on that?


On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Alex wrote:

> > MXP is the MUD eXtenstion Protocol that Zugg's been developing.
> > You can check out the documentation at
> >
> > It allows things such as - clicking on a fountain to drink it, pop up
> > a picture of a character by clicking on their name (graphics are not
> > yet imp'd but are in the plan from what I understand) etc.
> Oh... so a redesign of the Pueblo extensions then?
> What you'd have to do to decide whether or not to send them is to have
> a flag set on characters that can receive them.  If the flag is not set
> on the character, strip out the MXP codes.
> Shouldn't be too difficult really.
> Ae.

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