Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE]? MXP - tough luck telnet users?

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Date: 07/12/00

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>   Geeze.  I just realized I'm an idiot.  I'm thinking M*S*P.  *sigh*  That
> is the last time I write a response two minutes after waking up.  My bad.
> On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Jodi Goddard wrote:
> >   I'm working from memory here (I just started coding again after a good
> > year or so :) so I might miss a few steps but it could put you atleast
> > the right direction.  I barely remember the function names I modified
> > aswell. :)
> >
> >     - I don't remember what section I modified, but I basically followed
> >       the code that sets if you want color, autoexits, etc. and added
> >       for MXP.  I remember adding a new #define PRF_MXP (1 << nn) I
think I
> >       got creative and wrote a function that tested it before enabling
it -
> >       but that's just gettin' fancy now :)
> >


You're not so dumb, really.  MXP is just what Zugg decided to work on after
he realized MSP was pitiful.  He's actually writing the protocol how I'd
like it to work now, and it isn't triggered like !!SOUND(...) anymore.  Yay!

Hrm, should write something more relevant...

Oh, I got something:  the only difficulty I have with MXP now, is that we'll
all have to pay for zMUD to make use of it, and you'd cut out a huge part of
your player base if you relied on MXP to do a lot of your dirty work[1].

An aside:  don't decide to sunbathe on your roof, then jump out the window
onto it barefoot.  It's hot, and it'll burn your feet, which is a Bad
Thing(tm) when you work a 12 hour shift in the morning standing up all day.

Hmm, nothing too profound--


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