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Date: 07/12/00

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Subject: [CIRCLE] [CODE] extra object flags

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I have a little problem with the extra object flags... I have more
than 32
so I started another one called ITEM2_.. but how do I get these to
They do not work in the oedit menues, for obvious reasons, it's called
ITEM2_.. yes, but how do I fix this?  I read somewhere that the
(or whatever it is called, I am not a terminology buff) cannot hold
than 32 values.  So how do I go about and solve this?  If you write
code examples, suggestions, anything, please specify where they go,
don't have to be overly explicit, just make it as simple as
possible... :)

>> code snippet <<

#define ITEM_NODISARM             (1 << 31)

#define ITEM2_ANTI_HUMAN          (1 << 1)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_HALFELF        (1 << 2)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_HOBBIT         (1 << 3)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_HIGHLANDER     (1 << 4)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_ELF            (1 << 5)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_DWARF          (1 << 6)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_DUCK           (1 << 7)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_CATMAN         (1 << 8)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_WOLFMAN        (1 << 9)
#define ITEM2_ANTI_GNOME          (1 << 10)

#define NUM_ITEM_FLAGS            42

>> snip snip <<

Kind regards,
Torgny Bjers

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There are a couple of ways to deal with this. If you have time, and a
LOT of patience, you could install the 128 bit patch available from
circle's FTP site, which would let you break through the 32
bit "wall" in all of the arrays. This is very tedious, and I'm
ashamed to say I didn't finish it before I gave up:-(
The other thing you could do, is to edit you OLC files (depending on
which version) and add the ability to set your new flags. Just copy
the existing setup for ITEM_x flags in oedit.c and (again, depending
on which version) in your olc.h file.
It took me a little while to figure out what I was doing wrong when I
tried to do it that way, but I finally figured it out.
Hrmm... maybe someone should write a snippet on how to do that...
*hint, hint*


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