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From: Del (
Date: 07/12/00

Steve Z wrote:
> Hey I too am new to this list and to running my own
> mud... I found that you can put one up for free on
>, they are upgrading right now so u
> have to wait until they are done to create an account.
> but anyways I need to know how to add into my code the
> time left on a spell a character is affected by, how
> to  add more levels to my mud(stock circle is 34),
> Show IMP, CIMP, and GOd in stead of the person's class
> and level, add a spell for identification of items and
> characters, how to show good and evil in alignment on
> the score, and adding classes.. Tall order huh?

First thing to do is check the documentations that are available.
It has been said many times to newbies (check out circle-newbies list).

Check the archives for answers to your queston on spell delays
I believe would be your answer, or some event code). If you don't know
where to get the code, check the link at the bottom.
How to add more levels? - check the WTFAQ on
How to show IMP - get new who snippet
ID spell, alread is one.
Alignment already shows alignment (if you want it to show good or bad
then you will have to add a few "if" statements). Look at other if
and compare, create one that works for you. (Hint for all types of code
want to create)
if (GET_ALIGNMENT(ch) >= 350)
  send_to_char("Your alignment is Good.\r\n", ch);
else if (GET_ALIGNMENT <= -350)
  send_to_char("Your alignment is Evil.\r\n", ch);
else send_to_char("Your alignment is Neutral.\r\n", ch);
(This is just an idea.. not code for use.. There are probably
 better ways to do it)
To add more classes, check the documentations and FAQ/WTFAQ.

Trying to show you where your resources are, so please, check
everyting first (mostly check the archives!!!). They are your
best friend.

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