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From: StormeRider (
Date: 07/14/00

It's been a while since I've done this sort of thing, so I wanted to
bounce this by the list and see if I'm missing anything.

I'm looking to add a feature to my MUD whereby which certain mobs (at the
discretion of the ABer) will be able to "summon reinforcements". I've got
the details already worked out as to how this all will occur, I'm just
working on actually making the changes for the OLC, etc.

Basically, I'm looking to add two fields: a reinforcement vnum and a
reinforcement dice roll. I'm thinking that the dice roll should be added
to the "points" structure, as it doesn't really seem like there is any
mob-specific information struct. I'm open to suggestions as to where the
vnum would "optimally" reside.

Once this happens, I will then have to:

a.) Modify medit.c to add two new menus to edit those fields.

b.) Modify genmob.c to save those two fields to the file.

c.) Modify db.c to read in those two fields from the file. (I have file
versioning, so it will be easy for me to handle reading in the old file
format and converting all the mob files.)

Anything else I forgot? Most of my code changes of late have been outside
the OLC realm, but I'm now starting to try to focus on the OLC-based
changes I need to make so I can start my builders building while me and my
coders work more on getting character-side code up to snuff for the
eventual opening.

Creator of Winds of Storm   [Circle/EoD]
Head Coder of the Last Sunrise, [ROM/EoD]

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