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From: Russ Brown (
Date: 07/14/00

StormeRider wrote:

>It's been a while since I've done this sort of thing, so I wanted to
>bounce this by the list and see if I'm missing anything.

>Basically, I'm looking to add two fields: a reinforcement vnum and a
>reinforcement dice roll. I'm thinking that the dice roll should be added
>to the "points" structure, as it doesn't really seem like there is any
>mob-specific information struct. I'm open to suggestions as to where the
>vnum would "optimally" reside.

Try the mob_special_data struct it is for stuff used by mobs but not

>b.) Modify genmob.c to save those two fields to the file.
>c.) Modify db.c to read in those two fields from the file. (I have file
>versioning, so it will be easy for me to handle reading in the old file
>format and converting all the mob files.)

Hey you might want to add these two variables as E-specs, that
way you wont have to worry about converting your files at all
since they would not be required by all mobs, just the ones
you wanted to specify them for. Adding the especs is very easy,
you just have to add a couple of case statement, one to
parse_espec in db.c to read it and one to write_espec in
genmob.c to save it.

Russ Brown

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