Re: Slightly off topic, yet potentially relevant..

From: Neal and Kristen (
Date: 07/15/00

Patrick Dughi wrote:
>   Something I asked on the muddev list; how do you keep your players
> under control.  Some have advocated a player-control system; your players
> can vote someone off the mud, for  example, if they're a jerk.  Others
> (like myself) have advocated mainly code-based solutions for the most
> part, and admin tools for the rest...
>         Just curious how everyone else out there deals with the problem
> players, spammers, people running aorund cursing everyone, inappropriate
> language (racial slurs, etc), things like that..

We added a 'silenced' flag that is a more restricted version of mute.
someone in silenced, they lose all methods of communication.  No say,
boards, emote, title etc.  Basically, all they can do is log on, and

It seems to get old pretty quickly, and they'll usually leave within a
week or so, whenever they figure out that we aren't going to be taking
the silence off of them.


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