Re: problem with the new who...

From: Brandon (
Date: 07/16/00

> Ok Well I got the new who stuff and I get 4 errors
> when I compile....
> 1.)
> C:\Windows\Desktop\Circle\src\act.informative.c(1048)
> : error C2065: 'WHO_USAGE' : undeclared identifier
This is now WHO_FORMAT.  You can change the:
    #define WHO_FORMAT
    #define WHO_USAGE

This should be located right about the do_who command.

> 2.)
> C:\Windows\Desktop\Circle\src\act.informative.c(1103)
> : error C2065: 'PRF_ANON' : undeclared identifier
This seems to be a preferance that is not included in the stock circle code.
See if you can figure this one out on your own.  I would recomend removing the
PRF_ANON if statements.

> 3.)
> C:\Windows\Desktop\Circle\src\act.informative.c(1148)
> : error C2065: 'PRF_AFK' : undeclared identifier
Yet again another preferance that is not included in stock circle code.  If you
would like to add this PRF look in the snippents part of Ceramic Mouse for
the AFK command.  If you don't want the command remove the if statements for them

> 4.)
> C:\Windows\Desktop\Circle\src\act.informative.c(1180)
> : error C2065: 'boot_high' : undeclared identifier
Hmm.. I belive this is a a global int that is declared when the mud boots up.
You will have to add this and it's prototypes.

Brandon Bennett
Hiroshima 45, Chernobyl 86, ... Windows 95!

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