Re: I badly need help with this

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 07/16/00

Sharon Stanton wrote:
> hello
> i am running windows 98 and Msvc 6.0 for a compiler and every time i go to log a immortal on the mud crashes
> (*(bits + i) = LOWER(*(GET_NAME(ch) + i))); i++);
> that is the line the debugger tell me there a problem with

Can we have some context (eg a couple of lines to either side of it,
means we have a vague chance of knowing what it's doing, the above line
isn't in stock circlemud code, so you've added it with some snippet.)  A
stack trace would be very helpful.

> SYSERR: NULL pointer or empty string passed to get_filename(), 00000000 or 007AD4D8.
> thats what i get a the circlemud prompt

Well it's telling you something is being passed into get_filename that
shouldn't be.

> i am sorta new to the C language so if anyone could help me Thanks

Can I politly request you only send an email with a problem once,
sending it twice (about 14hrs apart) makes no difference to the speed of
the response (and it increases the noise on the list), this is the first
time for a couple of days I've had to catch up on email.


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