Re: Re-string problems?

From: Mysidia (
Date: 07/16/00

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Charles Erwin wrote:

> I installed circlmudbpl17
> then Oasisolc17
> then did some my code,
> then installed xapobj's, fixed the rej's, then install iedit, no errors or
> warning.
> now when I use iedit (the command).
> the mud crashes??
I believe the iedit patch for pl17 has problems in iedit_setup_existing
try comparing this to whatever your current iedit is using for
iedit_setup_existing to this.   Pay special attention to the 'obj' ptr
and what's being done to it before copy_object:

void iedit_setup_existing(struct descriptor_data *d,
                          struct obj_data *real_num) {
  struct obj_data *obj = NULL;

  OLC_IEDIT(d) = real_num;
  CREATE(obj, struct obj_data, 1);
  copy_object(obj, real_num);

  OLC_OBJ(d) = obj;
  OLC_IEDIT(d) = real_num;
  OLC_VAL(d) = 0;


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