Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] Where do I edit skills?

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 07/16/00

Brian Beffa wrote:
> If I want t edit skills like bash and track what file do I look in?  I think
> I checked all the files in the src dir, and all i found were some defines.  I
> want to put in a new skill for warriors.

 If you're using linux, then read the man page on 'grep', if you're
using Windows then use 'find files & folders' to track down occurances
of these defines so you can build up a picture of where the real
business with skills is happening.

Charles Erwin wrote:
> I think the main ione is "interpreter.c"
> but you have to have defines, and the code and such.(also spells.c I think??)
> anyone might want to correct me if I am wrong

You might want to spend a day or two digesting the faq and wtfaq. The
wtfaq has a couple of sections which deal specifically with adding new
spells and skills, and is a great way to become familiar with the inner
workings of the code.

You'll find the wtfaq at

-> Ben

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