Re: Problems with xapobj's

From: Brandon (
Date: 07/16/00

> > And it still won't save my objects?, so it is a problem with xapobjs
I had the exact same problem as you had with iedit and xapobjs.  I am glad that they pointed out that you need to MALLOC the obj before copying.  Anywho.. the way I solved this problem was I rewrote the whole objsave.c to have saving only for xap objects.  (I have the file if you want it).  Even after I did all of that the objs still didn't save.  Turns out the object file name extension was right (if I remember correctly).  See what extension it saves it as and the directory and then check the loading process.  I think I fixed the problem in objsave.c and utils.c.  Good Luck

Brandon Bennett
Hiroshima 45, Tchernobyl 86, ... Windows 95!

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