Re: Problems with xapobj's

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/17/00

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Brandon wrote:

> > > And it still won't save my objects?, so it is a problem with xapobjs
> I had the exact same problem as you had with iedit and xapobjs.  I am
> glad that they pointed out that you need to MALLOC the obj before
> copying.  Anywho.. the way I solved this problem was I rewrote the whole
> objsave.c to have saving only for xap objects.  (I have the file if you
> want it).  Even after I did all of that the objs still didn't save.
> Turns out the object file name extension was right (if I remember
> correctly).  See what extension it saves it as and the directory and
> then check the loading process.  I think I fixed the problem in
> objsave.c and utils.c.  Good Luck

        This is what I get for not including full readme-type text files
with my patches.

        At some point, the code included a poor-mans tool for converting
the files from binary obj files, to ascii object files.  It had a memory
leak, but it was documented, and easy to fix actually.  The default then,
was to
        1) install the patch
        2) run the mud, and run the conversion utility from within the mud
        3) turn xapobjs on (a within-the-mud toggle)

        4) edit autorun to include the command line option which sets
xapobjs to true (-o in early versions, I think, and -x ? in later?)
        5) edit the source file and set it to default to on.

        Since all the other  xapobjs.readme files say to refer to the
prvious one, i'll post the addr for that 'previous' one.

        Really, when I am done with this whole tree-based restructuring
thing, I really will make the time to generate a current patch.  Just been
swamped lately; some in our department is leaving, and I'm their backup so
guess who's doing their work? :)

        Oh well.


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