[Ad] Staff for Winds of Storm

From: StormeRider (silk@ici.net)
Date: 07/17/00

Also looking for a staff for Winds of Storm. You've probably seen some of
my posts detailing the kind of audience I'm looking to appeal to, and the
kind of code changes I'm looking to do.

To get a better idea of what the MUD is about, please visit the website at:


(*Note: ordinarily the site is at http://winds.windsofstorm.net but I'm
arguing with Network Solutions over the windsofstorm.net domain name
and have been for over two months now.*)

All positions are available at this time, with the exception of the
This is, of course, subject to change.

Organizational chart is at:


Please drop me an email with what position you would like to apply for and
what qualifications/experience you have for the position. If a coder, please
send me a code example. If a builder, please send me a sample room desc,
mob desc, and object desc. If an admin, please provide references to people
I can contact to ask about previous experience.


StormeRider             "Peace favor your code."
thelastsunrise.net 9000 (http://www.thelastsunrise.net)
windsofstorm.net 4008 (http://winds.windsofstorm.net)

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