Re: Clans

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/17/00

>  Hi guys! Here I am again! Now I want to talk about clans... How can I
> implement clans in my mud, without put them on player's responsability?
        I could tell you how I'd do it, but that probably won't help you
very much.  I recommend that you decide how you want clans - what a clan
is in your game, and then after having written out what you want them to
be, add them to your game.

        That was pretty easy.

        Sarcasm aside, you may want to look at the clan snippet as a
starting place, many people seem to use that as their base.  From what I
remember, it's primarily a player-controlled system from within the clan,
but you can just change the levels of the commands and then not worry
about it.


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