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From: George Greer (
Date: 07/18/00

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Jonh Dickinson wrote:

>Hi! Well, I hve a problem... I'm really finishing to prepare my mud, and
>I want to put it on a server on 3 months at most. But I have a BIG BUG!!!
>When a player fights a mob, de syserr go crazy!!!
>SYSERR: Mob Using '((((ch)))->player_specials->saved.pref)' at fight.c: *
>* "where I put an '*', is the line number right?! :D So, each time the line
>number is diferent.... i dont understand that!!! please!!! heeeelp!!! :D

It's a warning that accessing the player-specific data structure on a
mobile is nonsensical.

_All_ mobs share the same structure so it's there to remind you that you're
changing all mobiles (if unchecked elsewhere) or you're doing something
useless (which is default in CircleMUD, mobiles ignore player specials).

George Greer

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