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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/19/00

> i forgot this in my last msg but is there away that i can make mobs give
> more exp?

        Ouch. I so want to just say "yes" and hit send.

        I won't, I'll attempt to be helpful, despite the fact that this
message shows that not only do you have zero understanding of a circlemud
system, but that you also never tried to gain understanding.  Most
probably, you haven't even bothered to read any of the vast realm of
documentation out there for you.  Potentially, you may not yet have the
ability to digest it.

        If you would have even bothered to investigate, even in the
smallest degree, you'd realize that the amount of exp a mob is worth is
saved in the mob files.  Using Oasis OLC you can set it online, or a text
editor can be used to change the value offline.

        If you're just trying to do some blanket change, you can look at
the gain_exp() or gain_exp_regardless() functions in the limits.c file.
You can modify those.  Or, you can find where those two functions are
called (fight.c is a good place to start), and modify the arguments passed
to them so that say - paladins get 110% exp gain when they kill something

        Sorry to sound so negative, but you need to spend some more time;

1) looking at your circlemud system
2) reading the contents of the doc directory
3) reading the FAQ and WTFAQ
4) learning how to code

        before you continue too much further.


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