Re: who and score

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/19/00

> does anyone have a patch or text file for Circle30bpl17 that will guide
> my throught adding a new score that has races in it??  and a who that
> has races in it to? and will work will with Ascii pfiles

        I can solve one problem for you very quickly; ascii pfiles are
really only concerned with the loading and unloading of files, not the
in-game memory setup of a character structure.

        So, score and who shouldn't ever have problems based on ascii

        However, the change that you need, the 'races' in score/who is
what most people will refer to as a minor change.  People have done it,
and it's easy, however, it's both an easy thing, and wholy dependant upon
how you want your functions to look that it would take more time for
someone to figure out what you want and do it for you, than it would for
you to do it for yourself, including learning time.

        Just find code that already does what you want and duplicate it.

> and i was wondering if anyone has a remort code for unlimited remorts by
> players?

        There are alot of 'remort systems' out there - what yours is
supposed to be may differ from any other given system.  Keep in mind that
people will have class-based, some multi-class, some stat&level based, and
that all of them will be unique to their own system.

        I guess you'll have to end up developing your own.  When you do
though, you should ask yourself if you really _need_ a remort system, or
if you are just putting one in because you think it's cool/played on a mud
that had one/other non-developed thought stream.

        If you do develop a useable system though, make sure that it's
well balanced. I've seen at least one mud become pretty unplayable because
of their remort system, and another had so little to gain from a remort
system that no one even bothered to use it.

        Of course, it'd be time better spent in my book, if you could ifnd
a way to remove the terminating condition (highest possible level, etc)
instead of just extending it.


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