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From: Brandon (
Date: 07/19/00

> Ok,
> I have been reading through heaps of messages from the
> mudconnector member forums. Read some quotes from the
> creators of dikumud.

Boared EH?

> So i would like to hear what the creators of circlemud
> has to say about the legal issues concerning the
> circlemud licence.
> scenario 1
> Lets say you build a mud (circle based) get a nice
> playerbase and start selling t-shirts on the webpage
> with a logo of a blabla elf, a creation from you very
> own theme. The Mud would still be totaly free to play.
> Would the circlemud creators have anything against this?

T-shirts are diferent from CircleMUD no?  Legal and OK!

> scenario 2
> Then, if the creators of AD&D made a mud based on the
> ad&d theme on their webpage. Totally free to play.
> But next to the mud link, there was a button
> "order the complete handbook". Would this be against the
> licence of circle and diku?

No.. the licence says nothing about selling support in any way. So if you wanted to do this go for it.

> scenario 3
> Someone design a mud totally free to play. The mud
> exchanges banners with hundreds of commercial sites,
> get new fresh players from website visitors. The mud
> would be advertised all over the web on other commercial
> sites.

Yet again.  Getting a larger playerbase is up to you on how you do it.  If you want to dish out ads to get them... the better.

> scenario 4
> A free to play mud, cost nothing to play, with a kickass
> homepage. And on the homepage there is a "lovers
> contact" webpage, where visitors can get in concact with
> eachothers for 10 bucks.

So... as i said b4, running love connection on your website almost has nothing to do with that actual code of the mud execpt for the names of the users playing it.  Although if the players wanted to contact each other they could though the mud no?

> scenario 5
> A free to play mud, on the website there is an Altavista
> banner, and webpage get thousends of bucks each month.

If you could do this, score one for the home team.  You don't even need a website for circlemud, so what you do with one is up to you!

> scenario 6
> Your mud is going kewl, lots of players. Everything is
> free, the website has no commercials.
> So good that Bill G calls you and says,
> hey i wanna buy your website.
> You sell the website for 1 million dollar, but the mud
> is still hosted by yourself on your server. Bill G uses
> you website to get more people to visit microsoft.
> Could go on and find more scenarios, but you get the
> point.

Damn Microsoft.  But seriously... how bored were you with this?!?  I would say aslong as you sold only the content on your webpage and not the mud... LEGAL!

> IS the circlemud licence LEGALLY probhiting (or how its
> spelled) your WEBSITE from getting money off your worlds
> THEME.  NOT the codebase it is running, but the THEME of
> the world. Like AD&D if they made a mud. Using their
> THEME as Advertisement.

Seems like the Cirlcemud licence has nothing to do with you website man!

> What i wanna know is if its is PERMITTED to sell
> webspace on your website, with a link to a mud hosted by
> yourself, or someone else, running on a circlemud or
> diku code.

Webspace is not included in the diku/Circlemud licence. ( Am i repeating myself)

> I WOULD like to hear this from the CREATORS of
> circlemud, and not some coder using the mailing list.

Too bad.  E-mail the creators if you wanted only and answer from them.  Muhahahahaha.  Well all of these could be answered if you read the licence.  Note that if it is not in the licence then it wouldn't make any differance if the creators say different.  Although they could change the licence eh.

So here is a opion from "come coder using the mailing list".  Use it well my friend, and remeber the licences will always be with you!

> Thanks

Brandon Bennett
Hiroshima 45, Chernobyl 86, ... Windows 95!

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