Display diag in prompt

From: Webremedies (webremedies@idirect.com)
Date: 07/19/00

Hello, sorry if I got the email wrong first time posting here.
comm.c controls the prompt display, I realize.. when displaying with sprintf, and in the same format, it looks for char_specials to be used.  I can use 
if (PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_AUTODIAG) && FIGHTING(d->character))
      count += sprintf(prompt + count, "Opp: Vict name here ");
That's all i have it doing now.. heh, I know I know =]
I eventually want it ->
      count += sprintf(prompt + count, "Opp: %s %3d", VICT_NAME function for comm.c, and is it possible for me to call a function and wait for a return value. or would I have to setup a small function below that line, or maybe a switch? or is that just creating a bit more then needed to find vict percent in diag?

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