Re: Improved do_consider with a simple combat simulator

From: Russ Brown (
Date: 07/19/00

Jasons reply to my original post:
From: Jason Beeland <jbeeland@BELLSOUTH.NET>

>The only hole I see in this concept is that it would really only work for
melee based classes like warriors etc.  Although, the normal consider
command has the same hole.  But hey, if you are gonna rewrite it it's always
good to make it as good as possible. :-) Since the majority of mage combat
is spell based perhaps you should work in some skill/spell choices to add to
the damage delt?  Could prolly do it with some checks on the skill table vs
the character's class and level to come up with their highest level
MAG_DAMAGE spell.  Skills would be a bit tougher though.
>Just a thought,
>Jason Beeland

That is absolutely right, the system I came up with goes straight off the
"combat stats"
of the character and/or mob in question. It does not take into account a
mage's spells or
combat skills such as kick. There are actually several reasons for this:

1) I wrote the combat simulation as a separate function which is called from
do_consider and made it general enough that it could be called for any two
characters (ie a pc and a mob/two mobs/two pcs). I did this to allow for
expansion, this will make it easy to use the combat simulation for other

2) I felt it safer for the players, not to include kicks, bashes etc. If the
assumes that a warrior will kick every third round and tells him "No problem
slaughtering mob x", that doesnt mean that the character will kick every
round or even once.  The actual outcome could be very different.  On the
hand, I think it is conceptually easier to understand  that if you get a
like "The fight could go either way!" that you had better throw in a few
to turn the tide your way.

3) While the reasoning for #2 also holds true for spells, it would also make
sense to have something for mages since they would more than likely cast
a spell or two. I could not decide exactly what I wanted to do for that so I
left if out for now. (The fact that the magic system on my mud is not
finished may have a good deal to do with this!)

Anyway the code is there for anyone who wants to make use of it!

Russ Brown

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